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Electric Surfboard-Create your own wave.

About AOXJET Electrice Surfboard Company

AOXJET has been making electric propulsion systems since 2015. Early on we supplied electric propulsion systems to various brands wanting to create their own water sports products. This gave us many experience in the field before we decided to brand our own water sports products. We were able to take all we had learned and put it into our products to represent the best value for performance.

Our deep rooted network in the water sports industry also enables us to always have the very first hand information of any new products and new trends. As the leading core propulsion supplier, we have very close cooperation relationships with many other water sports products manufacturers and the priority of buying their products at lowest possible cost. All the products we listed in the website, are either proudly produced by AOXJET or produced by our strategically selected partners, with sharing the common fundamental goal of creating the best quality and bet value water sports products.

Our Certification

Our Advantages


Factory Direct

All AOXJET products are either made in house by AOXJET, or made by its cooperative partners who are using AOXJET’s propulsion systems. This gives us not only the best price advantages, but also the best order priorities and flexibilities.


Reliable Core Technology

Through our years of research and development, and testing in various products, our propulsion systems are among the most reliable systems in the world. Especially our own designed ESC, has successfully bring down the faulty rate to be under 0.5%, which is extremely low for water sport electric products.


Customisable Board Shape/Brand

Thanks to our past experiences of in-house manufacturing of water sports products as well as cooperating with various other water equipment companies, we have made our propulsion systems to be highly integrated and could be easily fitted onto different board shapes.  With our relationships of the completed supply chain from industrial designers, to mould manufacturers, to board shell factories, we just need your idea or your drawings to help you have your very own designed Electric Surfboard or body board.


Subsidized Sample Price

We are dreamers. We want to make water sports to be more and more popular. We want more and more people to have the chance to enjoy the fun of our nature mother giving waters. We believe so you are. We believe that all great dreams have a humble start, so we want to make the barrier to be as low as possible, for all the dreamers who are willing to be involved in this great water sports promoting initiative.  Reverse to the traditional pricing scheme, we are highly subsiding our sample price to make the sample to be extremely cheap so that it would be much easier for you to get one and try it out at your own.  The subsidized sample price is strictly only for enterprise buyers who are planning to become our dealers/distributors. So a brief company instruction could be needed to be entitled for our subsidised sample price. Personal buyers could buy at retailing price.